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InfoSlips ForMe Viewer 5.2

Creates and customizes interactive digital documents
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Work with information slips sent to network users or shared online for interactive task management, financial and other business interactions by creating them in the specialized suite or accessing the existing files and viewing their contents with an option for basic modification.

InfoSlips ForMe Viewer is a small tool for opening InfoSlips (an InfoSlip is a secure, interactive document that contains information from various sources). It also provides secure electronic bill presentation and payment through fax, web, cell channels or e-mail. It is a small program, so you will not waste much time downloading it and it is quite easy to install.

The program comes with an easy-to-use menu that provides quick access to all the functions integrated in this utility. The “Show System Info” button proves to be very useful, given the fact that it provides detailed information about the components of your system. It analyzes the hardware configuration of your system and offers some extra information about the folders that you frequently use. The “System Information” tab displays two additional buttons named “Copy System Info” and “Save System Info”, which allow you to easily manage the information about the configuration of your system.

All in all, you should give InfoSlips ForMe Viewer a try because it has proven to be a very accessible and easy-to-use tool that provides secure methods for electronic bills payment.

Dave Hattey
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