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InfoSlips ForMe Viewer 4.2

An accurate, reliable software solution that allows you to view .ifs files
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InfoSlips offers secure electronic bill presentment and payment via e-mail, fax, web and cell channels. This allows for cost savings, better educated and informed recipients and instant distribution of any type of document.

Main features:

- InfoSlips are interactive and engaging and do not just duplicate the paper version but add value by being highly graphical in nature and providing a lot more information than traditional paper based documents.
- InfoSlips work totally offline and do not require a connection to the internet to view and interact with their contents.
- InfoSlips feature a unique Personal User Key (PUK) system that virtually does away with password management for the customer. InfoSlips also have a feature that guarantees that all past and current InfoSlips can be viewed with the same single password while still allowing password changes at any stage. Password management does not require connectivity to the internet and can be done at any stage, even when the user is offline. Further passwords will expire, after 3 tries, if somebody attempts to hack into the InfoSlip.
- InfoSlips are usually very small in size. A normal InfoSlip usually ranges in the 18K to 70K range (Very Small). This feature makes sure mail systems and networks are not overwhelmed.
- InfoSlips can feature multiple documents types within a single package. In other words document types such as Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flash, HTML, XML and InfoPath but to name a few can be incorporated into a single InfoSlip.
- An option exists for Microsoft Office 2003 users to gain instant access to InfoSlip information from within Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

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